Custom Requests

Step-by-step instructions for customers how to order videos


Step 1: Request by email To begin, send your personalized request to us at, outlining the specific video film you wish to order. You can either select actors from our team whom you prefer or leave the actor selection to us based on your script.

Step 2: Detail Clarification In your request, please specify the number of actors you desire or indicate particular actors you wish to include in your video film. Also, mention the desired duration of the video film and whether you have a specific shooting location in mind. If you don’t have location preferences, we can suggest available options.

Step 3: Wardrobe and Props If you require specific wardrobe for the actors, kindly mention it in your request. If we have the necessary attire in stock, we will provide it. Otherwise, you can opt to purchase the required wardrobe or props for the shoot.

Step 4: Additional Services If you wish to enhance the quality of your shoot and receive a more professional video, we offer additional services such as hiring a skilled videographer with expertise in cinematography for an extra fee.

Step 5: Script and Samples If you already have a prepared script or would like us to develop one, please share the details with us. You can also send us video and photo samples of what you’d like to see in your video film.

Step 6: Assessment and Order Details We will discuss your preferences and provide you with a quote for your order. Afterward, we will schedule a shooting date and contact you regarding payment details.

Step 7: Shooting Day Photos On the day of the shoot, we will send you photos from the set so you can see the progress.

Step 8: Finished Video Film The completed video film will be delivered to you within 3-5 days after the shoot. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we will notify you of any changes to the delivery timeline.

Step 9: Receiving the Video Film You will receive the video film via a link to a file server where your video file is stored, along with the set photos.

We provide a personalized approach to each client and ensure a professional outcome. Send us your inquiry, and let’s create an unforgettable video film together!